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Love is in the air… right? Or at least it’s on our “to do” list!  Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day comes too quick after the holidays, and often, we are left trying to come up with a thoughtful and unique gift to show our loved ones how much we appreciate them! 

If you are like most people, you have numerous people that you love. From our spouse, to our parents, to our children, the list goes on. In some cases, a card is sufficient, but for others, we have to go beyond candy and a card.

To help you with some ideas, we have written an article “Love is in the Air” (see below), and created some fabulous Valentine’s gift selection (you are going to want one!).  Stop by Skin Essentials and check them out!  But here is the best part: we are offering a new program called “Date Night,” and we have reserved special appointment times for you to bring your loved one and celebrate LOVE at Skin Essentials! Date Night is available during the entire month of February. Reserve your experience, and enjoy a little love with a special partner or friend– spa style!  

Happy Valentine’s Month!

~Beth Pestotnik - Founder



Date Nights at Skin Essentials
All month long, we are reserving appointments for “Date Night”- Bring your husband, significant other or a friend and enjoy a relaxing evening out.  Every Thursday evening in February, reserve a facial or massage for two people, and you will receive:

  • 15% off your treatments
  • Glass of wine or champagne
  • Strawberries and chocolate
  • Special gift for two

Call us now to reserve! 720.283.0492

Botox & Juvederm Nights at Skin Essentials

Dr. Green will be here:

Wednesday, February 13th 5:30- 7 p.m.
Thursday, February 28th 5:30-7 p.m.


Reserve now and look your very best this season!

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You'll receive two Facial treatments per month to obtain desired results!

• 1 Complexion Perfecting Treatment
• 1 Express Facial w/ Peel
• 1 complimentary High Frequency Treatment
• 10% off home care

The "Clean and Blemish Free" Membership is Ideal for Teenagers or adults with problematic skin.

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Bonus: Includes one complimentary Medicated Acne Mask for weekly home treatments.


February is a time for chocolates, roses and Valentines. It reminds us to tell those we love how much we care about and cherish them. Thankfully, the gifts don’t have to stop at flowers and candy, and there’s no rule against treating yourself to a few Valentine’s Day gifts as well! Whether you’re married, in a relationship or single, there’s always a "spa way" to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Hubby Love: A sure fire way to get the guy in your life to the spa is to go with him! Invite your husband to join you for a relaxing couples massage, complete with strawberries and champagne. This has been known to woo many a man to the spa. Single girls, this works great as a date, too!

Girl’s Day Out: Show your best friend how much she means to you during February! Show up at her house and whisk her off to the spa for a day of pampering, including manicures, pedicures, massages and facials. Top it off with lunch and cocktails at her favorite restaurant.

Love for Mom: Who deserves love more than Mom on Valentine’s Day? Hand deliver a big red box to Mom with chocolates, a soft, fluffy spa robe and a gift certificate good toward any treatment she desires at the spa. She’ll think it’s Mother’s Day all over again!

Gentlemen’s Night Out: Yes, guys can have fun at the spa, too! Get the object of your affection together with one of his buddies for a man’s facial, sports massage and sauna. They’ll leave the spa feeling too good to spend the night in front of the TV watching football!

Whatever you decide to do, just remember to tell your family, friends, and or colleagues how much you love and appreciate them! And remember we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day the entire month of February. Call us to plan a special event for you and your loved ones!

Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us!


Winter weather, coloring, blow drying, and flat ironing are sure to be wreaking havoc on your hair. It’s time for hair rejuvenation and for loving your hair again.  Here are some tips to help you fall in love with your locks again!

Know When to Shampoo. Shampooing too often can cause your scalp to become dry and itchy. However, not shampooing enough can cause oil buildup. Because every scalp is different, pay attention to your own scalp’s oil levels, and shampoo at the first sign of oiliness.

Be Gentle. No matter your hurry, avoid aggressively rubbing your hair with a towel to dry it. Not only will this cause frizz, but it can also lead to breakage. Gently squeeze the water from hair with a towel, letting it air dry as much as possible while applying makeup or getting ready. Start combing and styling when it’s about 90% dry.

Don’t Cook Your Hair. Hair is very sensitive to heat, so if you’re a fan of the flat iron, start on the lowest possible setting to avoid causing dry and brittle hair. Always treat hair with a heat protection spray before flat ironing for extra protection. Same goes for the blow dryer. Set the dryer to low heat, do not hold it close enough to burn your hair or scalp, and finish with a blast of cool air to set your style.  If you do use a flat iron frequently, make sure you give your hair a deep conditioning treatment at least once per month. This will strengthen your hair and keep t healthy.

Keep it Trimmed. Split ends occur when we let our hair go for too long without getting it trimmed. The more you curl, straighten and style your hair, the more often you’ll likely need to maintain your trim.  Scheduling trims and haircuts on a regular basis will ensure your hair stays strong and easily manageable.

Loosen Up. While many women love to tie their hair back when going to the gym or running errands, pay attention to how tight you’re tying that ponytail. The tighter your updo, the more chance you have of breaking strands, and the more you break, the harder it is to grow them back.  Your hair salon has accessories that are safe for your hair and help to prevent breakage.

Leave it to the Professionals. When it’s time to change your style or color, or you’re ready to infuse new life into hair with treatments such as hair masks and keratin treatments, leave your tresses in the hands of professionals. For the real inside scoop on beautiful hair, ask your stylist how to keep hair looking beautiful between visits.

Listen to your hairstylist; they can help you have a good hair day everyday.


Q. How frequently should I visit a dermatologist?
A. We always encourage clients to see a dermatologist once a year!  This is a great time of year to have a skin cancer screening, remove any moles or suspicious growths, and address any other skin concerns!  We recommend Dr. Riley Greene!  He is located just 1 block from us.  If you are looking for a dermatologist who is up-to–date on the latest treatments and takes the time you need to address all your concerns – he’s the one!  Tell them we sent you and receive $10 off on your next injectable treatment.

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