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August is already here. Whew! This summer is flying by. Are you having lots of fun outdoors with friends and family? We know many of you still have vacations and other exciting outdoor activities planned in the upcoming weeks. Feeling a bit shy about heading out in that swimsuit? We can help. Read the article Are You in Bikini Shape for tips to help you look and feel fabulous when visiting the pool or barbequing in the park this month.

Did you know August 3rd is Friendship Day? Check out the article Celebrate Friendship Day to discover qualities that make you a good friend. But don't stop there. Plan some time with your friends at the spa this month. We have lots of sensational treatments for you and your friends to enjoy together. Give us a call so we can help you create a fun day for you and those you care about most.

We hope you are having a blast this summer! But, don't forget about us. Stop by for a visit. We'll see you at the spa!

-Beth Pestotnik, Founder




Join Dr. Greene at Skin Essentials on Thursday, August 14th, and Thursday, August 28th, from 5:30-7:00.

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Are You In Bikini Shape?

August is typically the month that most people head off for their big summer vacation. If you've spent the last few months indulging in backyard BBQs and poolside margaritas, there is still time to get into bikini shape by making a few easy changes to your diet and workout routine and by doing one of your favorite things... hitting the spa!


Burn More Calories!

In addition to your usual fitness activities and workout routines, consider making these small changes to your daily routine to burn off a few more calories each day:

  • Walk around your house or office when you are chatting on the phone with your girlfriend or on a conference call for work instead of sitting in a chair. Every step counts.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator... always!
  • Stop looking for that perfect parking space. Instead, purposely park farther away so you have more steps in your day. If that means, leaving earlier to do errands, then do it!
  • Multi-Task: Watch your favorite TV show or movie while doing crunches, lunges, planks, or jumping jacks.


Replace the Basics!

Diets come and go, but making a few simple substitutions to your regular diet can really make a difference.

  • Replace sugar with applesauce when you're baking.
  • Go for nuts instead of croutons for that extra crunch you want in your salad.
  • Opt for non-fat plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. It tastes the same with much less guilt!
  • Swap out rice for quinoa.
  • Try chia seeds instead of breadcrumbs.
  • Skip the whole milk and try almond or soymilk.


Hit the Spa!

Now for the fun part! Aside from being a great way to treat yourself, think of the spa as also the go-to place to get yourself in bikini shape and to care for your skin from summer fun in the sun! Consider these treatments...

  • Slimming wraps can help you lose few inches and reduce the appearance of cellulite so you look your best in that bikini!
  • Detox wraps also help to rid your body of toxins from your favorite summer cocktails, such as margaritas, daiquiris, and Mai Tai's!
  • Did you get too much sun this summer? Try a hydrating or cooling facial for your over-exposed skin.
  • Exfoliating body scrubs are a great way to either prep your skin for a spray tan or scrub off the dry skin after a summer of sun.
  • Manicure - Of course a nice bright summer color on your fingertips is the accessory for your vacation, beach, or pool attire.

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Q. I need to jumpstart my weight loss efforts so I can enjoy outdoor activities with friends and family this summer. Any suggestions?
A. The M'lis Detox Kit, available at Skin Essentials, is a fantastic way to jumpstart any weight loss program. This is a total body cleansing program, which cleans the liver, bowels, kidneys, and the blood supply. It helps restore the peristaltic action of the colon, and helps to rid the body of mucus, toxins and waste materials. These materials often become trapped in the colon, in some cases for many years. The cleanse is achieved through a three-day liquid detoxification and accompanying program that will replace the normal diet and clean the body systems. This is a great way to begin the journey to better health and wellness! $69


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